Diego Isaias

(Smithsonian Painter)

Although all the paintings photographed are unique and individual works of art, most paintings can be reproduced in different sizes and color themes. Please remember that these are all individually hand painted and no two can be identical. Contact us with your requirements.

Traditional  Mayan Scenes.  

Individual  Collection by Diego Isaias

Paintings By " Isaia "                Size 32" X 48"

Diego Isaias is available for global expositions and has paintings hanging in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC among other prestigious Galleries around the world.

Diego holds Smithsonian company with;

Xul Solar (Argentina), Jose Guadalupe (New York), Diego Rivera (Mexico), Tarsilado Amaral (Brazil), Frida Kahlo (mexico), Juaquin Torres (Uruguy), Ramon Frade (Peuto Rico), Juan Sanches (puerto Rico) and Fernando Botero (Colombia)

Diego Isaias Gallery  

Artist:   Diego Isaias

These are some examples of the unique styles of  paintings available by the Mayan Tzutujil  artist Diego Isaias.

 Please contact us or click on the pictures below to view his current work  available on display  in San Juan or on exhibition around the world.

Diego Isaias' painting2in 2004 were  chosen to be part of the permanent collection for the  Smithsonian.

Title: 1. "Peligro de Corte de Flore. 

Title 2.   "Bajar Barriletes del dia de las Difuntas"

With local art work hanging in the Smithsonian, and galleries around the world the the San Juan Cooperative is proud and privileged to present our artist community as individual groups who work together fusing ancient Mayan arts with modern styles and techniques.

The imagination and creativity of the local artists cradled in the caldera of an ancient volcano exposes their natural expressionism bursting with color and life.

These artists create paints made from ancient Mayan recipes passed down through the ages to create their natural dyes and pigments. 

The unique composition for their vibrant colors come from secret ingredients extracted from seeds, flowers, plants, roots, bark and ground jade   

The canvasses upon which they paint are hand woven by the women in the town from raw cotton and silk blends grown locally and specifically chosen to create the texture and vitality of the artists imagination.  

The town of San Juan la Laguna  is  located on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. 



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