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Mujeres Botanicas Weaving Gallery

Represents 80 textile weaving artists from San Juan la Laguna. The products listed below are all individual works. However, custom projects are welcome and we look forward to your ideas.

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 All products can be coated with water proofing and antimicrobial coatings

All products can be coated with water proofing and antimicrobial coatings

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The Town Of San Juan la Laguna, located on Lake Atitlan in the caldera of semi active volcanoes. San Juan is home to some of the finest artists weavers and crafters in Central America.

The textile work is part of the Mayan culture weaving its way through clothing designs and the shoes they wear to the depiction of the Mayan folklore and history.

Black and White Collection

As each woven pattern has its own unique style combining both the texture created through blending raw cotton and silk into the design, the weavers of San Juan Cooperative can create individual designs best suitrd to the end product, whether it may be a bag, dress, shirt or wall hanging. 

Here at San Juan Cooperative we are your link to have the perfect textile woven and created for you. Our design team can facilitate your custom designs.


Hand Dyed - Hand Spun - Hand Woven

All fabrics are entirely handmade from the picking of the cotton and silk to the spinning and dying processes and finally to the weaving.

Each design can be custom created to fit the the feel and texture you require for your application. Many of the woven fabrics are integrated into bags, shoes, belts dresses and other garments. 

The tightness and design of the weave as well as the natural cotton and silk blends offer the ultimate variation of heavy and coarse to ultra fine ans silky finishes. 

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