Although all the paintings  are unique and individual works of art, most paintings can be reproduced in different sizes and color themes. Please remember that these are all individually hand painted and no two can be identical. Contact us with your requirements.


Below are some examples of the unique styles of  paintings available by around 200 different local artists. Please contact us or click on the galleries above to the view the current work  available on display  in San Juan or on exhibition around the world.

"San Juan Cooperative" 

Dillon Francis Oberholzer

The Artists of San Juan la Laguna, Guatemala on the shores of Lake Atitlan (a world heritage site) are known to be some of the finest painters and artists in Central America.

With local art work hanging in the Smithsonian and galleries around the world, the the San Juan Cooperative is proud and privileged to present our artist community as individual groups who work together fusing ancient Mayan arts with modern styles and techniques.

The imagination and creativity of the local artists cradled in the caldera of an ancient volcano expose their natural expressionism bursting with color and life.

These artists create paints made from ancient Mayan recipes passed down through the ages to create their natural dyes and pigments. 

The unique composition of their vibrant colors come from secret ingredients extracted from seeds, flowers, plants, roots, bark and ground jade.   

The canvasses upon which they paint are hand woven by the women in the town from raw cotton and silk blends grown locally and specifically chosen to create the texture and vitality required to match the artists imagination.  

Cubism is an artistic movement which started between 1907 and 1914.

Born in France and led by Pablo Picasso , Georges Braque , Jean Metzinger , Albert Gleizes , Robert Delaunay , Juan Gris and Guillaume Apollinaire.

As early travellers selling coffee and fruits to Europe brought back new ideas to the "New World", the town of San Juan la Laguna known for its fine organic coffee and medicinal plants, embraced these new styles fusing them with their traditional Mayan designs and colors. 

Many of Graciela Rodo Boulanger's styles can also be seen in their work, where they depict their little changed lifestyle fused with contemporary modern ideas of our digital era.


San Juan Cooperative is both proud and privileged to represent over 250 artists all painting in their own unique style and evolving view of society around them.


Our Individual Artists, Groups and Galleries offer painting,  dying and tinting classes as well as traditional weaving classes .



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