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The First Step: 

Cleaning, seeding and spinning the cotton.

This is all done by hand as seen in the video.  

The cotton choice determines the color and type of weave to be used. 

The Second Step

Dying the Cotton / Preparation

This is done boiling the bark, leaves roots and sap of various plants. Banana sap is used as a color fixer. Seeds are also used as well as certain insects.

Specific combinations of plants are used for different colors. generally the plant extract is boiled for 3 hours but is left over night for the right viscosity and consistency to be achieved.

White and brown cotton is used and sometimes a combination of the two.

The Third Step

Spinning the Cotton.

This process has many steps to reach the final thread. It is firstly seeded, where the seeds are removed . Then the the cotton is hand spun and drawn to the required thickness.

Once this has been done the cotton is ready for the dying process. This normally requires a simple dip into the prepared dye . 

For additional depth in color the cotton is dyed again until the final color is achieved.

The final Process / Weaving

Hours, days, weeks, months.  Then finally once the design has been woven additional work is done to finish the design.

Specific patterns pertain to the various towns and tribes.


100% Cotton to 100% Silk Naturals

Hand Dyed - Hand Spun - Hand Woven

Please contact us with any enquiries. Our artist cooperatives are happy to make your designs under private label. Our CAD capabilities enable you to email your patterns for local fabrication. 


Hand Dyed - Hand Spun - Hand Woven

All fabrics are entirely handmade from the picking of the cotton and silk to the sinning and dying processes and finally to the weaving.

Each design can be custom created to fit the the feel and texture you require for your application. Many of the woven fabrics are integrated into bags, shoes, belts dresses and other garments. 

The tightness and design of the weave as well as the natural cotton and silk blends offer the ultimate variation of heavy and coarse to ultra fine ans silky finishes. 

Call with your requirements (502) 5113-5715

Black and White Collection

As each woven pattern has its own unique style combining both the texture created through blending raw cotton and silk into the design, the weavers of San Juan Cooperative can create individual designs best suitrd to the end product, whether it may be a bag, dress, shirt or wall hanging. 

Here at San Juan Cooperative we are your link to have the perfect textile woven and created for you. Our design team can facilitate your custom designs.

Dillon Oberholzer is the founder and creative force behind San Juan Cooperative , a family-owned business on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala . With over thirty years of experience in the melding of ats, crafts, and some of the latest oganic technology through sustainable development programs and projects Dillon brings authenticity to every product he presents..

A global traveller, Dillon explores the world to discover unexpected materials and unique worldwide artisans styles and techniques to integrate into the "San Juan Coperative Collection"

Dillon works with Artists and crafters across Lake Atitlan who are best suited to make each of our products; using the most steadfast construction methods to support our 100% lifetime guarantee.

Dillon invites you to

" Discover your true piece of art "